Movie Tunes

Finding the music for the film "Ear to Ear" was a blast! Songs would come to me in many different ways.  For instance some songs I'd known for years before making the film such as the final song: 
Girl From Mill Valley by Jeff Beck Group. A love interest had played me the song and I saw it all and I listened to it over and over...I'm listening to it right now :) Its a sweet song and knew it would need to cap off the study of the sliding femmes of folly.
To start the film off I used another song that I had known for a few years performed by one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Ty Segall, his work is quite prolific and out of all that fuzz I couldn't get Untitled #2 out of my head.  Its an instrumental piece that got my heart thumpin'.  The whole album, Lemons, is one of my all time favorites
Some songs would find me.  One of the coolest experiences I had was when I heard the song for Jenny Brown's sequence.  Jenny is a really special person not only to me but to many people all over because she may be one of the greatest surf instructors these waters have ever known.  To me she oozes strength through her graceful, powerful lines.  To surf with Jenny is exciting because she inspires.  I had other plans for her sequence as I was going to somehow add her surfing into the final sequence with the Jeff Beck Group song but it wasn't working out in the editing process.  I took a break outside and when I came back into the house the song Life by Everyday People was playing from one of my favorite radio podcasts Chance With Wolves. I ran to my computer and put together that sequence and I have to admit it is one very close to my heart. I love watching her surf to that song.
Lots of songs came from that radio podcast Chances With Wolves and I cannot recommend listening to these playlists enough.  They're all about 2 hours long and perfect for any project; painting your house, painting a piece of art, cooking dinner, goes on.
Other radio podcasts where music was found are Rock and Roll Rampage out of the Netherlands and Rat Surf Radio, a podcast that is currently not in production but the archives live on.
I wont go on and on about how each and every song found me but I cannot write this post without mentioning of the coolest experiences I had during the editing of this film.  I hadn't yet started on the trailer for "Ear to Ear" because it lacked a good tune to run to but one day I was driving home and via a local radio station WYLA 97.5 Charleston's very own radio station from our county library was playing Dean Martin's Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina.  Holy crap, I lost it.  It was perfect.  I also highly agree with Mr. Martin.  
Finally, I must mention that while having these songs find me was a fantastic experience I was at great fault for not looking under my nose at the wildly talented musicians that live right here in Charleston.  It wasn't until I needed a song for the credits that a friend reminded me of the sounds created by Stefanie Santana, who performed The Starfish Song.  After jumping many hoops and sending countless e-mails to acquire the licensing for the utilization of these songs I'm happy to have been reminded how much better local music is for a homegrown project like this. I'm looking forward to having an original score performed by the rad jazz dreamers "Shimmy Ghøster" for Rabbit Hole's newest unnamed film project.  

"Ear to Ear"

An upcoming film to premiere on International Surfing Day, June 20th, in front of the Tides Hotel by the pier on Folly Beach, SC.  Great thanks to all of the cinematographers, McKevlins Surf Shop, Reef, and Roots Hummus for making this all become real.   


I remember hearing Noelle Cordier's song "Cheese" on Rat Surf Radio (a really fine podcast of all the dirt baggiest tunes).  I instantly saw a vision for an extremely joyful depiction of women sharing some waves.  I'm grateful for everyone who was able to be a part of it and especially stoked on Justin Morris, a very talented surf photographer from Folly Beach, SC.  He stepped out of his comfort zone and shot film for the first time on our small adventure and I think he killed it!  I hope this makes you smile... 

Madam Meador

Oh, Kassia.  If you are a lady and just so happen to share in sea stoke then you most likely know of Kassia Meador. I recall my first time watching her stylie slides when she had bleach blonde hair and Shannon McIntyre did this killer painting of her.  Kassia inspires and that is that.  
She is the reason that Animal Shred has come to be.  Her heels hung on an overcast day in Mexico she's bursting with light, beauty, and with that delight monarch butterfly wings grace her back.  To me this painting embodies the allure of a woman in the expansive sea. Its a gift to have had the opportunity to bring it to life.  I will forever be gracious to Kassia for her joyful inspiration to caper on a log and create an endless series of animals shredding.  

Kassia has also recently released a line of epic wetsuits.  If you're in the market for some new found warmth check it.  

Mr. Craig Anderson

....he is the man.  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Exhibit A is this short clip put together by the folks at STAB.  All other exhibits may be found in any film, photo, dream that Ando appears in.   He has a fluid style and a beautiful personality.  He's one of those people that make you want to be the best person you could possibly be.  Throughout our lives we will experience surfers that shape us and become role models and I'm thankful to be a surfer in the time of Ando.  With that gratitude I have painted not one but three paintings using his body as he summoned for a new animal head.  To be honest I could have certainly painted more....and I most assuredly will.

Shred Deer on a T for We

Feelin' like you need to show your stoke on animals shredding?  Luckily you can do that now by representing all sliding fauna comfortably in this killer T shirt.  Head to the store and get on it!  Looks great in and out of the water, on your dog, on your baby, even shadowboxed above your fireplace!

....and a delightful shred it was.

To everyone who came out to the opening of Animal Shred, Thank you!  It came out exactly as it did in my dreams.  The Music Hall's beautiful brick walls illuminated the paintings and it was wonderful to see everyone smiling.  My family was overwhelmed at the hugs received by many people they had just met.  Our salty, lowcountry community is a very loving one filled with gratitude and was evident through your support.  Coast Brewing, Fast and French, and Roots Hummus your tasty brews, lovely bean elixirs, and wines were enjoyed by all!  Thank you for your delicious nourishment.  To those who bought prints my greatest wish is that it continues to make you grin whenever you see it.  To those who would like to buy prints they are available to order on this website!  Yew!!  Please feel free to bring friends and family, random folks too, by the Music Hall from 1-6PM Monday-Friday to see the exhibit throughout Spoleto USA (ending June 7).  See yuh in the Southern sea!