....and a delightful shred it was.

To everyone who came out to the opening of Animal Shred, Thank you!  It came out exactly as it did in my dreams.  The Music Hall's beautiful brick walls illuminated the paintings and it was wonderful to see everyone smiling.  My family was overwhelmed at the hugs received by many people they had just met.  Our salty, lowcountry community is a very loving one filled with gratitude and was evident through your support.  Coast Brewing, Fast and French, and Roots Hummus your tasty brews, lovely bean elixirs, and wines were enjoyed by all!  Thank you for your delicious nourishment.  To those who bought prints my greatest wish is that it continues to make you grin whenever you see it.  To those who would like to buy prints they are available to order on this website!  Yew!!  Please feel free to bring friends and family, random folks too, by the Music Hall from 1-6PM Monday-Friday to see the exhibit throughout Spoleto USA (ending June 7).  See yuh in the Southern sea!