Madam Meador

Oh, Kassia.  If you are a lady and just so happen to share in sea stoke then you most likely know of Kassia Meador. I recall my first time watching her stylie slides when she had bleach blonde hair and Shannon McIntyre did this killer painting of her.  Kassia inspires and that is that.  
She is the reason that Animal Shred has come to be.  Her heels hung on an overcast day in Mexico she's bursting with light, beauty, and with that delight monarch butterfly wings grace her back.  To me this painting embodies the allure of a woman in the expansive sea. Its a gift to have had the opportunity to bring it to life.  I will forever be gracious to Kassia for her joyful inspiration to caper on a log and create an endless series of animals shredding.  

Kassia has also recently released a line of epic wetsuits.  If you're in the market for some new found warmth check it.