Photo by  Justin Morris  

Photo by Justin Morris 

Similar to most folks who fall deep into the beautiful, blue rabbit hole of the sport she's found herself continuously stoked from its steady flow of inspiration.  
Through the works of film and visual arts this venture will share ideas in collaboration with a blend of experience from those around Kate that encompasses storytellers, musicians, painters, doodlers, photographers, cinematographers, and editors all impassioned with the singular goal of making emotional, interactive content. 

Rabbit Hole Media is a new arts venture started by Kate Barattini, a young artist from Charleston, SC where she currently resides today.  She's an excited type of person grateful to have been born into a family of artists practicing all types of artistic mediums; watercolor, oil, acrylic, textile, culinary...they were supportive of the creative mind giving her a tenacious heart.  
She has always loved the water, from swimming in muddy Lake Pontchartrain as a child to boating the whitewaters of the Southeast in her teens, she was fortunate to find herself attending the College of Charleston where she began surfing.